Welcome to Nationwide Puppies - the perfect destination for anyone searching for their perfect furry companion. Our commitment is connecting caring and responsible individuals and families with the nation’s top breeders. No more stress and uncertainty when searching for your new best friend - we have over 20 years of experience in the pet industry and we understand exactly what you're looking for in a perfect puppy.

Our breeders are hand-picked and go above and beyond national standards, which means you can rest easy knowing that you will be bringing home a healthy, happy pup from a loving and caring environment. Unlike other retailers, we do not deal with puppy mills. This ensures that all of our puppies are coming from a loving home to their new forever home. With daily socialization and training, our puppies are bred to fit perfectly within any family dynamic or lifestyle. Our furry friends even start their potty training so that your puppy-parenting journey is off to a good start!

Each puppy undergoes a comprehensive nose-to-tail health check before coming home with you, and our transportation options prioritize their comfort and well-being from the breeder’s doorstep to that first moment with your adorable new puppy. Nationwide Puppies is more than just a service- we are a community of dog lovers, offering exceptional puppies with unwavering dedication to their happiness, health, and your complete satisfaction. We can't wait to welcome your new furry friend into the family!